The Ministry of Foreign Affairs opened an extension office in Yemen to serve the interests of Indonesian citizens living there.

Indonesian Ambassador to Oman and Yemen Mohamad Irzan Djohan proposed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs open an extension office in Yemen to serve the interests of Indonesian citizens living there.

He reasoned that since the Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) in the capital city of Sanaa was closed in 2015, after the war broke out between the Saudi Arabian coalition forces and the Iranian-backed Al-Hutiyun militia, about 3,200 Indonesian students studying in Hadramaut Province had difficulty getting the documents they needed. such as passport extensions, marriage certificates, inheritance certificates, or school graduation certificates.

“I am allotted twice a year visiting Yemen. The first and second visits were in March and December last year,” Irzan told via WhatsApp phone today. “Every time I come there are 500-1000 Indonesian students taking care of the letters and documents they need.”

Every time he visits the land of Saba, Irzan visits Mukalla, Tarim, and Seiwun. For this reason, he suggested that the extension office be made in the city of Mukalla or Seiwun to serve the interests of the Indonesian citizens there. He plans to go to Yemen again next month.

“It’s a pity that they have to come all the way to Oman,” said Irzan. “If urgent, they collect various documents needed to be delivered to Oman via the bus driver.”

Irzan explained that the task force currently exists at the Indonesian Embassy in Muscat, Oman, which has been overwhelmed by the need for letters and documents for Indonesian students in Yemen. Therefore, later on, he said that the extension office in Mukalla or Seiwun would be filled with one diplomat plus three local staff.

Most Indonesian students continue their education in Hadramaut, such as at the Darul Mustafa Islamic boarding school in Tarim or Darul Hadis in Mukalla.

The Yemen war has erupted since 2015 with no signs of ending. Al-Hutiyun militia control Sanaa and a number of areas in northern Yemen insistently maintain their power.

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