The Indonesian government offers 32 investment

The Indonesian government offers 32 investment projects divided into two categories : (Pre-FS) pre-feasibility study project and (IPRO) investment project ready to offer.

A total of 32 projects that are offered by Indonesia to investors have an investment value of US$10.4 billion, with the Pre-FS category worth US$6.37 billion and IPRO worth US$4.03 billion.
Pre-feasibility study project consists of :

– 6 tourism projects
– Special Economic Zone (SEZs) and industrial parks
– 6 integrated industrial estates
– 2 infrastructures, spread over 15 provinces in Indonesia.
Meanwhile, investment project ready to offer consists of:
– 6 projects in infrastructure sectors
With these, Indonesia is poised to accommodate more investors who want to invest in the country.

indonesia center

indonesia center

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